Affordable Housing/Density Bonus

One important element of our practice is helping developers solve their affordable housing issues. We are experts at helping meet local jurisdiction inclusionary housing requirements and have prepared numerous affordable housing plans for submittal, for developments ranging from 100 to 9,000 homes.

Frequently we integrate the provisions of the State of California density bonus statute with local jurisdiction inclusionary housing requirements in order to mitigate the impacts of providing affordable housing. This can provide the developer with the entitlement to develop up to 35% additional units, with reductions in parking requirements and additional development incentives. See link for a comprehensive discussion of the State of California density bonus statute.

We are experts in evaluating rental project tax credit and bond proformas to maximize the land value or minimize the financial gap to the master land developer. This is increasingly important with the demise of redevelopment agencies and most tax increment financing methods in California. Where appropriate, we examine alternatives to traditional rental tax credit programs and have implemented for sale affordable programs in several projects as an alternative to the traditional tax credit rental program.

We also provide workforce housing analyses to aid developers in dealing with jurisdictions.