Land Development Finance Consulting

We have prepared or analyzed land development proformas for master planned communities as well as smaller developments in California, Utah, Illinois, Montana and other states. These developments range from 3 acre mixed use infill projects to over 4,000 acres, with up to 14,000 dwelling units as well as retail, hotel, and golf course components. Our services include product pricing recommendations, land residual analyses, builder deal structuring, and preparation of business plans, cash flow projections, and marketing packages. We work with your project team to ensure that the proformas conservatively portrays the financial returns for the project. We have developed innovative builder deal structures which maximize returns to land seller enabling sellers to increase their land residuals to take advantage of conservative builder assumptions or improvements in market conditions.

We also analyze and prepare proformas for individual subdivisions, condominium conversion projects, and proposed apartment projects. We are experts in analyzing local jurisdiction impact fees and whether those fees are legally justified.