Community Facilities Districts ("CFDs") and Assessment Districts

We have been processing Mello-Roos Community Facilities Districts for developers starting with the first district formed, in 1983. We are experienced in negotiating with cities, school districts, and other jurisdictions for the formation of CFDs and the issuance of tax exempt bonds. We structure our CFDs to maximize proceeds to the landowner/developers, while maintaining the marketability of the homes and minimizing the impact on commercial uses. We coordinate the issuance of CFD bonds, providing our expertise in order to maximize bond proceeds and accelerating the timing for reimbursements to developers. We have also been responsible for formation of numerous assessment districts where local jurisdictions may have objections to Community Facilities District financing.

We are experts in evaluating City requests for formation of Community Facilities Districts and Lighting and Landscape Maintenance Districts to finance City services. These districts can have the impact of severely limiting bonding capacity for infrastructure improvements and must be carefully analyzed to determine potential impacts.